The OG Weekender: 10.28.2011

This week’s OG weekender is all about the social media.  We’ve scoured the web for a cool collection of useful links that might make you smart or at least help you sound smart at that costume party this weekend.  Read these articles, put on that stormtrooper costume, and then confidently chat up your friends about your extensive knowledge of the wonderful world of social media.  They will know that you are not just a Star Wars nerd, but a bonafide social media geek too. May the Force be With You!

Oh The Humanity!!!: has a great list of ways to make your brand seem… well…  less like a boring brand and more like real people.  - 5 Ways to Humanize Your Company With Social Media

Elementary School:  Looking to school someone on the way to calculate return on investment on social media?  Check out these suggestions  - 9 Important Elements of A Social Media ROI Report

Case in Point: Trying to sell your organization on implementing social media?  Well, you could spend all weekend coming up with convincing arguments or you could simply use these reasons from Smartblogs How to Make the Business Case for Social Media

Listen Up! An easy sell for the value of social media is listening.  A great tool for it is Radian6.  They have a great list of 100 uses of Social Media Monitoring that is worth

Masters Of The Universe: Looking for an advanced approach to social media? has an article - 7 Ideas for Advanced Social Media Education that can move you along toward mastering social media… for at least a week or two.

Happy Halloween!





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