3 Smart Reasons to Start Using Snapchat Advertising

You have probably heard of the Snapchat craze that has consumed the lives of many of those in their teens and early twenties. As with most social media platforms, it was picked up by the younger crowd and will likely be slowly adopted by older generations while the original users move on to the newest trend. We saw this phenomenon with early social media sites such as MySpace and we are witnessing it with now with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Snapchat was designed for a younger audience. If you don’t already know, the app allows users to send videos and pictures to friends and offers features like slow motion, augmented reality filters, and hashtags. The new addition of Snapchat “Stories” has also allowed big brands to create their own content specifically for the platform.

According to recent Snapchat statistics, Snapchat is the most popular social medium among teenagers and young adults, as displayed in the graph below. The average Snapchat user under the age of 25 opens the app over twenty times per day. And with a reported 166 million daily active users, your business could be missing out by not being visible. Luckily, with the launch of the highly anticipated Snapchat Ads program in October 2016, your business can take advantage of this highly concentrated younger crowd.

So, how are companies using the platform? Snapchat is a great way to start humanizing your brand. We see brands become more connected with their users on Facebook and Instagram, but with Snapchat, can pull your target audience even deeper with short, easily consumable videos that only play for a matter of seconds. If you’re interested in using Snapchat advertising, here are three great ways companies can take advantage of this platform.

Drive Customers to Make a Purchase

If you have an online site with a short buying cycle, choosing a Snapchat ad that drives customers to your product could help you to increase sales. Large companies such as Victoria Secret, as shown below, use an example of this method of advertising, with the option to “swipe up” to redirect users to their website and start shopping.

Provide digestible content to grow your relationship

Build a deeper relationship with potential customers by giving them content that they will be interested in viewing, as Gatorade does on their current Snapchat ad. By giving your audience videos of comedy, their favorite athletes, or other valuable content, they will likely to keep your brand in mind and relate it to things they enjoy and value.

Collect Data & Offer Coupons 

If you have a product or service that isn’t sold online, you can drive customers to make a purchase by providing discounts and collecting valuable marketing data. In the Lays Snapchat ad below, the goal is to collect information and engage their viewers with the brand. By swiping up on the ad below, users are directed to engage with the brand by voting for their favorite new chip flavor. In turn, Lays collects valuable data that is helpful for creating and improving their marketing and product development.

Not only can you connect with customers better with Snapchat, but Snapchat ads are also producing great results for brands: According to Snapchat, users are five times more likely to “swipe up” on Snapchat compared to other platforms’ click through rates. With a reported 300 million active users on Snapchat each month, it’s clear that this popular platform is not disappearing anytime soon.

Advertising on Snapchat is a great way for your business to reach your target audience in a unique and engaging way. We’ve recently delved into the world of Snapchat advertising for some of our wonderful clients, creating highly targeted videos and graphics to reach and engage a custom audience defined by demographics such as age, location, household income, interests, and consumer preferences.

Are you interested in increasing your brand’s visibility and reaching a new audience? We can help! For assistance with advertising on Snapchat, contact the leaders in Dayton Snapchat advertising at the Ohlmann Group.





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