3 Ways to Refresh Your Content Strategy

The web is filled with abandoned blogs, empty Facebook pages, and forgotten Instagram profiles. Most companies start blogs and social media accounts with good intentions, but updating with new content inevitably falls by the wayside as new work pops up.

Companies that blog at least 11 posts per month earn four times as many leads as businesses that only publish once a week. Combine that with the fact that site traffic is nearly eight times higher for content leaders and you’ve got proof that good content makes a difference. So, how can you revamp your content marketing strategy? We’ve compiled a few easy tips to get you started:

Be consistent

Consistency is key to a successful content strategy. Do you still have an Instagram or Snapchat account that hasn’t been touched since your last summer intern set it up? Decide to either use it or lose it. Not all social media platforms work for all companies–especially B2B–that’s why it’s often better to be active on one or two accounts rather than struggling to juggle too much. Create a content calendar for each quarter with proposed blog ideas or video posts, and update these as you go. Even if you only publish one post each week, you’ll feel much more organized with a plan set in place.

Appeal to short attention spans

43% of people admit to skimming blog posts. That means it’s more important than ever to grab your readers’ attention by using relevant images and videos. Don’t be afraid to recycle content and present it in a fresh new format, like an infographic or Facebook live video. 

Speak to your audience

If you aren’t producing fresh, frequent blog content, you’re missing out on one of the best ways for your site to rank higher on Google and other search engines. But if you’ve spent your time creating an amazing blog post or video, you also want people to actually read and share your work. It sounds simple enough, but one of the best ways to make your content shareable is by creating it with your readers in mind. Make your content valuable to your audience by becoming their go-to source for expert advice, how to’s, and industry-specific news.

Do you have questions about building a thoughtful, engaging, and effective content marketing strategy? Leave a question in the comments, or contact us.

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Evelyn Ritzi

As Communications Specialist for the Ohlmann Group, Evelyn is responsible for all things public relations. From writing engaging content and press releases to organizing events, Evelyn works to foster and maintain positive relationships between clients and the public.

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