4 Things I’ve Learned At PON

1) Be patient with the process. I’ve learned that jobs can fly in and out of your hands very quickly and in most cases they do, but I’ve also learned that a project may take more time to develop. One of my traits by nature is working spontaneously and keeping momentum going and when a project stalls, this can be a challenge for me. I have learned to adjust and just take it as it comes and there are usually many other projects going on to fill-in the gaps anyways.

2) To become more organized. Although by nature I am not the tidy one in the family (my brother and sister got those traits), I have learned to keep most of my files in their appropriate places. I do end up with many stray files on my desktop but I attribute that to the spontaneity that I mentioned above. I just have to take more time to organize after the project is complete. I’ve also realized that I must keep things organized so my friends in the art department, that have to find something in my files, do not have to loose their hair (sorry Gary) looking for a file.

3) Working as a team is rewarding. I did not learn this at PON, but as I played sports growing up. But I have learned that being on a team in a work environment and seeing a big or small project come together and create meaningful success for our clients is just as rewarding as throwing someone out at second base or going undefeated for the entire season.

4) Have fun and don’t take things so seriously. I work with and have worked with some real characters that make coming to work a pleasure. Work should be fun and when it is, you are more productive and creative.

Penny Ohlmann Neimann

The Ohlmann Group has a rich history that began in Dayton, Ohio in 1949, where the agency was founded as Penny and Penny by Bob Penny and his wife Jean. In 1964, Walter Ohlmann joined the firm. Ralph Neiman came on in 1969 and the firm became Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman. In 2011, P/O/N was renamed The Ohlmann Group to better reflect the agency's ongoing evolution and collaborative nature.

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