Today Google and Intuit are in Dayton, Ohio offering FREE WEBSITES to businesses.  They are here to remove all of the hurdles associated with getting online.  According to reports in the local press, In just a few short minutes you can have an amazing website that will transform your business and secure your digital future… except it probably won’t. I…

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Caveat Venditor

  You’ve likely heard the Latin phrase Caveat emptor – buyer beware. Good advice.  This was the consumer mantra of the last century – the best line of defense for the average citizen in the mass marketed, mass produced world. The world has changed. Now the consumer is empowered to speak, search, and publicly communicate.   Today it is also…

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Best Supporting Actor

I frequently hear marketing professionals pushing businesses down the social media path by informing them that “people are out there talking about your brand, so you had better get in the conversation.”  That’s frightening.  “What are they saying?”  “What if they are saying mean things?”  This statement is not entirely wrong, but also not entirely accurate. People are talking.  Sometimes…

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The Price is Right

Think back to marketing 101 and the 4 P’s of marketing – product, price, place, and promotion.  While marketing has evolved to include many additional factors beyond these 4 basic categories, they still serve as valuable levers to consider using when trying to accomplish organizational marketing goals and objectives.  Of the four P’s the one that probably gets the least…

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Stop Doing That

Do You Have A To-Do List?   It’s not uncommon for working professionals to try to stay organized and focused by keeping lengthy to-do lists.  Businesses frequently develop similar lists in the form of organizational goals and objectives.  While goals, objectives, and to-do lists are extremely important business tools, there is a less frequently used tool that can also be…

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