3 Smart Reasons to Start Using Snapchat Advertising

You have probably heard of the Snapchat craze that has consumed the lives of many of those in their teens and early twenties. As with most social media platforms, it was picked up by the younger crowd and will likely be slowly adopted by older generations while the original users move on to the newest trend. We saw this phenomenon…

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4 Steps to Effective Creative Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an idea generating session that is performed in a relaxing, informal atmosphere to promote problem-solving and lateral thinking without pressure. The idea is to bring all of the seemingly outlandish things people could be thinking about to the table and snowball each other to generate more creative thinking. In his book Value-Focused Thinking, Ralph Keeney, a professor at…

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5 Reasons to Use Paid Search for Inbound Marketing

What is Paid Search? If you are at all familiar with Google, you’ve probably seen the sponsored ads that show up and the top of your search page. These ads are highly targeted and able to pinpoint fairly accurately the audience that will benefit most from the ads. As a marketer or business owner, this is a highly effective marketing…

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