The OG Weekender: 9.22.17

Looking for something fun to do in Dayton this weekend? Want to keep up to date with the latest news in marketing and advertising? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Every Friday, we compile the latest local events and interesting marketing and advertising news into one handy post we like to call the OG Weekender:

New at the Dayton Art Institute: Alphonse Mucha exhibition

Stop by the DAI for their last special exhibition of 2017, Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau. According to the website, “Art Nouveau influenced art and architecture, especially in graphic work and illustration, with its sinuous lines and whiplash curves.” The exhibition features 75 rare lithographs, proofs, paintings, and drawings Mucha created during the 1890s. Here’s an example:

Celebrate Dayton’s 46th Oktoberfest

Grab your lederhosen and get ready for Dayton’s 46 annual Oktoberfest celebrations at the Dayton Art Institute. This Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy international food and beverages, family-friendly art activities, live music and even big-screen TVs so you can keep up with the weekend’s football action. All proceeds help benefit the Dayton Art Institute. This is a Dayton tradition you won’t want to miss!

How well can you remember famous logos?

A new experiment by tested 156 Americans on their ability to draw 10 iconic logos from memory. Based on the findings, most of us don’t know logos as well as we think. Only 16 percent of people drew near perfect logos, while 37 percent were good but not perfect. On average, younger people drew more accurate logos than older people across all 10 brands. However, the participants in the experiment did excel in remembering the colors of several of the 10 famous brands they were asked to draw, demonstrating once again the importance of color in brand association. Check out the complete findings of the study and see how well participants remembered the logo for Burger King below.

Pinterest ramps up ad targeting options

Pinterest is a popular site built around helping individuals find and collect images and links related to their interests and hobbies. With over 200 million users, the site has also become a popular advertising platform, in part due to its ability to target users based on their interests. This week, Pinterest announced that it’s unlocking over 5,000 interests on its “Taste Graph” which advertisers can use to target Pinners based on their niche interests. The Taste Graph accounts for Pinners’ changes in interests based on the frequency and recency of their engagement with certain categories. Some of the niche, obscure interests advertisers can target include “vegetarian barbecue,” or “desk yoga.”

Have a wonderful weekend!




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