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Dreams to Reality: Thank You, Cindy Zwayer

Vice President of Creative Services
BY: ON December 15, 2016

Cindy ZwayerThe Ohlmann Group has been around for some time. Sixty-seven years, to be exact. And, when any business sustains that kind of success, it’s due in no small part to a strong core of long-tenured team members. Hard working people who have dedicated a good portion of their lives to assure that, no matter the circumstances, the wheels just keep rolling. Today, I am both happy and sad as we say goodbye to an integral part of The Ohlmann Group’s success—our multi-talented Production Manager, Cindy Zwayer.

I’m happy because, after 23 years of late night press checks, hundreds of early morning traffic meetings, and literally millions of phone calls and emails to our trusted vendors, she has decided to settle into well-deserved retirement.

I’m sad because she will be so dearly missed. As anyone in this business in town will concur, she has simply been the best at what she does—the undisputed master of logistics. No matter how outlandish the idea from the creative team, Cindy would inevitably shepherd it into a tangible reality. If we could dream it, Cindy could do it. And, aside from being a struggling “chocoholic,” she made it through seemingly without a scratch, looking like someone who is far too young to retire.

We’ll miss Cindy’s grace under pressure and her unwavering stability in a business where things are often always on the brink of chaos. But, as she settles into a less hectic life with her husband Mike and her precious family, we wish her only the very best. Enjoy your retirement, Cindy. You have most certainly earned it.

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