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Inspiring Creative Thinking: Artie Isaac

David Bowman
David Bowman
BY: David Bowman ON January 17, 2013

Create The Future The Ohlmann GroupAt the Ohlmann Group, our mission is to help clients create the future. We understand in the power of creativity.  We’re constantly searching for new sources of creative inspiration and new approaches to the creative process.  We believe that creativity is both a gift that human beings naturally possess and a skill that requires practice, patience, and persistence to master.   Put simply, creativity matters.

With that said, I am extremely excited to announce a new project from The Ohlmann Group, a podcast series called Inspiring Creative Thinking. This podcast series will feature short interviews with a diverse group of creative thinkers – authors, artists, bankers, business people, musicians, medical professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and more. In each podcast, the guest will be asked a similar set of questions about the importance of creativity, their approach to the creative process, and where and how they find creative inspiration.  By doing this, we hope to reveal some universal truths about creativity, uncover unique approaches to the creative process, and offer insight into what makes creative thinkers tick.

Why are we doing this?  Here are a few reasons.  We are nerds who love to create.  We always aspire to be better at what we do.  We think that the world is a better place when it is filled with creativity.  We are curious about creativity, and we believe in sharing what we learn.  Learning more about creativity allows us to better serve our clients and have more fun doing what we do.  It’s fun.

The first episode of Inspiring Creative Thinking features an interview with Artie Isaac.  Artie Isaac is a creative facilitator, speaker, and trainer.  As an executive coach and Group Chair for Vistage, in  Columbus, Ohio, Artie convenes CEO peer groups where CEOs assist each other to become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve significantly better results.  Artie serves as an Adjunct Instructor, in the MBA and Undergraduate Programs at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and as an adjunct professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design.  He is on the board of advisors for Katzinger’s Deli, one of the best places to grab a sandwich in Columbus, Ohio

Listen as Artie shares his thoughts on the importance of creativity, his techniques for being more creative, his advice for making time for creativity, and more.  Thanks to Artie for taking the time to share his wisdom, and thanks to you for listening.  Hope you enjoy this podcast and those that are yet to come.


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