Not Goodbye… But Good Luck

It’s only been 14 months since Jackie Maddox joined P/O/N in her capacity of Client Service Manager. But Jackie fit in so well here and contributed so much from that first day that it seems as if she’s been here for years.

In her short stay, Jackie has been a wonderful addition to the P/O/N team. With every given assignment, you could rest easy knowing that Jackie would complete the work efficiently and within the time frame requested. Always pleasant, she remained calm during the most trying times and effective even when everything seemed to go awry.

She will be missed here at P/O/N, but will make a future employer in her new home in Maryland very happy.

Penny Ohlmann Neimann

The Ohlmann Group has a rich history that began in Dayton, Ohio in 1949, where the agency was founded as Penny and Penny by Bob Penny and his wife Jean. In 1964, Walter Ohlmann joined the firm. Ralph Neiman came on in 1969 and the firm became Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman. In 2011, P/O/N was renamed The Ohlmann Group to better reflect the agency's ongoing evolution and collaborative nature.

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