OG Weekender – 9.16.2011


Down to the wire on a great September Friday in Dayton, Ohio.  Urban Nights is in full swing downtown tonight, and you can see our very own Richard Kaiser repelling down the KeyBank building.  (Better him than me) If you head downtown, have fun and be safe.  Once you get back home, we have put together a great list of links to check out this weekend.  This week we are short on fanfare, but full of wonderfullness from the web.

What’s The Story?  – Want to know the story of some of the most popular brands in technology?  Check out this article from The Next Web and learn how Apple, Atari, and others came up with their names and more.

Hot Product:  It was cool out in Dayton this morning.  Made me long for this cool new space heater from Dyson.  Love seeing the innovative ideas that come from this company.  Amazing.

Make Up Your Mind Already – Time is a valuable commodity – one that you can not afford to waste.  Do you find yourself deliberating about things for long periods of time.  This article about 5 Tips for Decision Making can help.

How To Be Creative – Brian Eno is one of the most creative minds on the planet.  Lucky for us he likes to share his secrets.  This is a great article on being prepared to be creative in life.

Sit Ubu – Lastly, the fun part.  I have a dog.  I love him dearly, but I struggle to make him follow basic commands.  In his defense he is a puppy and learning.  Perhaps one day he can get his friends from the dog park and try to break this record.  (It will need to be someone far more patient than I on the human end of the equation)  Check out these 13 dogs jumping rope.

Hope you enjoy our links.  Have a wonderful weekend!






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