The OG Weekender: 9.29.17

Welcome to the weekend! Wondering how to spend your weekend in Dayton? We’ve got you covered with all the details on fun local events and trending stories in marketing, advertising, tech, or design. Here’s our weekly roundup:

Shop fresh, unique, and local at the 2nd Street Market

The Second Street Market is a Dayton tradition that’s reminiscent of European markets. Open all year round in downtown Dayton the market features vendors, bakers, culinary specialists, artisans and local growers from around Dayton. Whether it’s your first visit or part of your weekly routine, you’re bound to find something new to try at the 2nd Street Market. Check it out for lunch Thursdays and Fridays or come on Saturdays for breakfast, lunch, and live music from local musicians.

Get in the fall spirit with Pumpkin Fest

The weather is still perfect for enjoying some outdoor activities with Adventures on the Great Miami. With every river trip, you can receive a complimentary pumpkin. Open daily for river trips through the end of October.

New in social media: AR is coming to Snapchat ads

This week, Snapchat announced some exciting news for advertisers. Brands can now sponsor a “3D World Lens,” using augmented reality (AR) technology to bring brand symbols, characters, and products to life. According to Snapchat’s chief strategy officer Imran Khan, Snapchat’s technology allows a brand’s products and characters to seamlessly integrate with a users’ surroundings. “Appearing in the world (outward-facing) Snapchat camera, you can move, resize, and make them a part of the space around you. They recognize surfaces, so once locked in place you can walk towards, around them,” Khan said. One of the first brands to work with Snapchat’s 3D world lens is Warner Bros., who used the technology to create an ad with a 3D spinning car to promote the new Blade Runner movie.

Twitter is ready for 280 character tweets

Earlier this week, Twitter announced that the social media platform was experimenting with increasing the well-known tweet character limit from 140 to 280. The origin story of the 140 character limit was created out of the restrictions of SMS text messaging, which allowed only 140 characters per text. Twitter rolled out the feature to a select number of influencers as an initial trial period. The news brought mixed reactions from Twitter users, many of whom enjoy the simplicity of “bite-sized” information limited to just 140 characters.

Would you visit a made-for-Instagram museum?

From the Museum of Ice Cream to the Color Factory museum, seemingly “made-for-Instagram” museums are popping up around the country. The décor, aesthetic, interactive art, and perfect lighting of these art museums have led to a near cult-like status on Instagram. Even digital media brand Refinery29 has joined the fun, with a pop-up installation in New York City (and soon Los Angeles) featuring 29 themed rooms that are perfectly “Instagrammable.” It’s an interesting look into how social media is shaping our desire for more interactive and visually appealing spaces and experiences.

Have a lovely weekend! 

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