Alexis Burdette

Media Broadcast Assistant


As a Media Broadcast Assistant, Alexis stays busy. She handles Radio and Television Traffic, and also assists in Media Buying. Lexy has a degree in Radio and Television, and has worked as an on-air personality. Now, she really enjoys navigating the other side of Broadcasting. Not only does she have the “cutest” office at The Ohlmann Group, she also prepares the loudest breakfast. Her morning shake machine often scares co-workers, or is mistaken as office equipment breaking. Outside of work Alexis enjoys time with her family. She has one son, Tommy. She has coached gymnastics, cheerleading, and soccer. She enjoys baking, so she also spends a lot of time at the gym. In her spare time, Alexis builds superhero helmets and accessories out of foam. Ask her what she’s working on now.

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