The Ohlmann Group agency philosophy is based on the following seven points:

  1. Be responsive to client needs
  2. Be proactive, not reactive
  3. Lead; don’t follow
  4. Provide excellence from planning through execution
  5. Be honest in all dealings
  6. Tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear
  7. Always put the client’s interests first

But perhaps, this best explains who we are and how we do it:

“Any successful company must aspire to a certain standard of excellence – its own code of ethics. To that end, there are no shortcuts. The badge of integrity is hard-earned and sometimes even harder kept.

Integrity is the touchstone by which we measure ourselves, our people, our achievements and our relationships with clients and suppliers. Fairness, honesty, commitment, excellence. A set of principles by which we live, work and hire. Inviolate. We believe in integrity and place it above all else.”

Walter Ohlmann – 2000

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