Have you played SCVNGR yet?

SCVNGR is the latest in location-based social media platforms (like Foursquare and Gowalla), but with a twist: instead of just checking into places and earning badges, you can also complete challenges made at those locations by other users.

You can even create your own games and challenge your friends. Challenges could be something simple like, “Order a barbacoa burrito at Chipotle on Brown Street and post a photo of you with it on your head,” to “Complete a crossword puzzle while in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and post a photo of the completed crossword sitting on a bench in front of X piece of art.”

Foursquare and Gowalla place their primary emphasis on badge collecting and unseating mayors, but SCVNGR goes the route of the truly social – build, challenge, and play games with your friends.

I can see retailers themselves getting in on this action too, as anyone can build a challenge. Posting and sharing victories around food or product purchases could easily result in a “prize” from the retailer, much like Starbucks’ current frappucino discounts for Starbucks Foursquare mayors.

I love the idea of taking Foursquare to that next level and making it a truly interactive experience. One of the excellent things about Facebook is how robust it is: build, share, play apps. Invite your friends. Play games with your friends. Meet new friends. Foursquare, as a platform, has much less potential than SCVNGR.

SCVNGR is now available for the iPhone and Android platforms.

Penny Ohlmann Neimann

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