Brand Identity

A lot of company’s have pretty logos.  But smart companies have brand identities.  Creating a brand identity is more than finding attractive colors and fonts.  It’s the process of defining the essence of your brand into visual terms.  A brand is created from intensive research into your customers’ perceptions of your image.  And from there, your visual identity and logo will funnel all of that information into the most basic and compelling design.

The Ohlmann Group has been in the business of creating and maintaining the biggest brands in Dayton over the last 6 decades.  We understand the process, and we have the unique talent that can transform words into images. Executive Design Director Gary Hinsche joined The Ohlmann Group after prolonged stints at several West Coast advertising agencies where he helped build brands for some of the strongest brands in the world. While his work for Pioneer Electronics, Caesars Palace, and Teledyne garnered national acclaim, he is perhaps best know for creating the brand marks for the 1994 Men’s World Cup, and the 1999 Women’s World Cup, and – most notably – the 1984 Olympics.

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