Media Buying

You likely have a good idea of the kind of people that you would like to bring into your business, but there are more options than ever when it comes to the channels available to communicate with those people.  Media has become far more accessible, but also much more complex. The challenge is to get your message to those people in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. For decades, no advertising agency has risen to that challenge quite like The Ohlmann Group.

At The Ohlmann Group, we have an unparalleled reputation for planning, managing, and executing media strategies that work.   We have extensive media tracking systems, key industry relationships, and deep knowledge of the best means available for delivering your message. And the advertising community has taken note. Our Senior Vice President of Media, Linda Kahn and members of her talented media team have won AAF-Dayton’s Mercury Award for Best Media Buyer every year since its inception. This award is made even more special because it is based upon the vote of our peers in the industry.

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