Taking the Law Into our Hands: Dungan and LeFevre


The Troy law firm Dungan and LeFevre actually has a lawyer on their staff named Steve Justice.

How cool is that?

Our marketing strategist Richard Kaiser originally had grand ideas for an advertising campaign in which Steve would appear in a superhero costume, go into a phone booth, and come out in a 3-piece suit and briefcase, ready to battle oppression in the world as “Mr. Justice.”

Luckily, for the sake of Steve’s dignity, we decided to build them a nice website instead.

We’d like to thank the Dungan and LeFevre team for coming our way, and for being so accommodating through the entire process.  Read here to see what we did for our new friends at Dungan and LeFevre, and take a peek at their brand new website.

And, if you’re ever caught evil-doing in Miami County, beware the wrath of Mr. Justice.

Take a look-see at www.dunganlawyers.com.


Jim Hausfeld

As Creative Director for The Ohlmann Group, Jim helps guide the vision of their web, print, broadcast, and other creative. In a career spanning over two decades, he’s collected over 100 local, regional, and national advertising awards, including a National ADDY Award and an International Radio and Production RAP Award. Plus once, in a moment of wild abandon, he piloted a blimp.

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