The Care and Feeding of Suppliers

No agency can produce consistently good work without the loyal support of dedicated suppliers. They are as much a part of the successful team as the AEs, creative crew and support staff within the agency itself. But loyalty and dedication regarding the agency’s projects cannot be purchased – it must be earned.

Over the years, we’ve done our corporate best to enforce the following modus operandi on the part of pertinent staffers:

  1. Never keep suppliers waiting in the lobby to demonstrate your own importance. Their time is as valuable to them as is ours to us.
  2. Get enough competitive quotes to protect the client’s interest, but don’t involve suppliers who have little or no chance of getting the job.
  3. Remember that dependable delivery can be fully as important as price.
  4. Don’t ask suppliers to “eat our mistakes.” If the job comes out wrong because of our error, we’ll pay them to redo it and absorb the cost ourselves.
  5. “Rush” jobs cannot be eliminated, but they can be minimized. Give suppliers as much time as possible. They have enough problems of their won.
  6. Be as free to praise as to prod. A little appreciation goes a long way in building rapport.

Are these rules ever violated? Apparently not often or for long. We enjoy superb service, enduring friendships, and solid value for our clients from suppliers across the board. They have always responded with crash service when required and gone beyond the call of duty in safeguarding quality.

We salute them. God bless you one and all!

Penny Ohlmann Neimann

The Ohlmann Group has a rich history that began in Dayton, Ohio in 1949, where the agency was founded as Penny and Penny by Bob Penny and his wife Jean. In 1964, Walter Ohlmann joined the firm. Ralph Neiman came on in 1969 and the firm became Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman. In 2011, P/O/N was renamed The Ohlmann Group to better reflect the agency's ongoing evolution and collaborative nature.

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