The OG Weekender: 1.13.2012

Happy Friday.  13 days into January and finally… it is cold outside.  With snow on the ground, cold winds blowing, and winter advisories in effect for the first time this year, this weekend may be a good time to build a fire in the fireplace, find a warm blanket, curl up on the couch, couch and hibernate for a few days.  Should you decide to spend some time in the comfy confines of home surfing through the warm digital glow of the world wide web, we here at The Ohlmann Group have put together the following list of links to keep you entertained.

Everyone’s Mixtape  – What could be better on a cold weekend than jamming out to some great music?  Here’s what – Everyone’s Mixtape.  This site lets you wax nostalgic for the days of the cassette tape by giving you the ability to create digital playlists that you can share with your friends and do so mix tape style.  The site allows you to package up heartfelt lists of songs, label them on a mix tape, and share your audio genius with your pals or that special someone.

Rately – Maybe you want to do some online shopping this weekend, but are concerned about your fashion sense or ability to pick the perfect gift.   Check out rately, which allows you to ask your friends their opinion on whether or not you should buy a specific product.  Use your friends as your own personal focus group for your purchases.  Not only may you avoid buying that ugly jacket you can get enjoyment as your friends debate the merits of various products.  After all, shouldn’t rampant consumerism be just a little more fun for the money?

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – If you get cabin fever as you are stuck inside, you may decide to invent something new.  If you want some inspiration or need to check and make sure someone else hasn’t beat you to the punch with your great idea, check out Simple Ideas That are Borderline Genius – a listing of 35 crazy and cool new products that are for the most part pretty amazing.

Free Manuals  – It might be that this is the weekend you finally get around to fixing a few things in your house.  You may want to start your project by finding the manual to your broken item, but most likely you probably did not save the manual to your now broken fridge or dvd player.  No worries.  Check out Free Manuals, which lists thousands of product manuals.  Now, I have never actually read a manual, but from what I understand they are quite helpful to those with the smarts and discipline to follow them.

Do Nothing – Maybe all of this activity is just too ambitious.  Perhaps you just want to take 2:00 minutes and do nothing this weekend.  In the event you need a little 2 minute break to relax and do nothing, you can visit and literally do nothing.  The site has a timer and video of the sun setting over the ocean, complete with the sound of waves crashing.  You sit, you stare, you chill… for 2 minutes.  It is actually harder than it sounds, but may just bring you back to sanity should you find yourself pushed to the brink.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.







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