The OG Weekender: 1.20.2012

This weekend’s forecast is cold, dark, icy, and snowy.  Many people might get bummed out by the prospect of being cooped up inside this weekend, but we’ve done our part to help keep you entertained during the deep freeze of January in Dayton.  Our latest OG Weekender is all loaded up with cool links and fun goodness from across the interwebs.  Enjoy:

Smore Please Sir?
It’s probably too cold to do smores by a campfire this weekend.  The good news is that will give you time to step your game up for the next cookout by checking out the Coolest Smores Ever  as featured on

Something Besides White & Gray Please?
Winter can get a little blah outside.  A lot of dreary days of white, grey, and that ugly slushy brown color that follows as the snow melts.  If you want to spice things up with some color check out this Color Theory Quick Reference Sheet from  Whether you are working on a big graphic design project or doing some DIY work around the house, this simple chart will keep your color palette on track.

Git R Dun:
January is a great time to get things done.  No horrible distractions with things like being outside or having fun in the sun. Nope, it’s all about productivity around here.  If you are seeking help in the area of being more productive, check out these tips from the Behance team on the 10 Laws of Productivity

Write On:
Maybe the deep freeze of single digits will give you time to cross writing the great American novel off of your list.  If only you had a little insight as to how that was done… Well thanks to Jocelyn K. Glei you now have no excuses – or at least one fewer excuse.  Her post 25 Insights on Becoming A Better Writer compiles tips from 25 writing pros as to how they go about creating.  Brilliant piece that is very useful.

From all of us at The Ohlmann Group, have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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