The OG Weekender: 1.27.2012

How is it possible that January is almost gone?  For the last weekend of the first month of 2012 we have an extra special, super duper, fantabulistic, redonculous collection of goodness from across the interwebs.  As you hang out in and around Dayton, or wherever you may be, this weekend, take a break and check out the following links for fun, education, and entertainment.


Pick Me Up:  Maybe you are just spent after a long week and looking for a way to get a little energy.  Well, check out this short article from that offers up 4 On the Spot Energy Boosters that can put a little spring back in your step.  Now wake up and let’s go!


I Suck At Writing – Think your writing could use some work?  Well if it makes you feel any better, advertising legend David Ogilvy described himself as a lousy copywriter.  This letter from Oglivy  featured on the website Letters of Note, outlines his approach to writing, creating, and delivering great work.


Google It – Oglivy never wrote Google ads, but a lot of people do.  Google raked in over 36 Billion in ad revenue last year.  Wondering who buys the most Google Ads?  Check out this awesome infographic from Wired showing who spends what to advertise on The Big G.


Old School –  Before advertisers spent Billions on Google, they spent millions on print ads.  Some of them happened to be pretty amazing.  Check out this great collection of vintage ads from the 1940’s – 1980’s from the website SmokingDesigners.  For the record I am not happy with the fact that a significant part of my life is now considered vintage.


It’s Where You Live:  Want to see a cool picture of where you live?  Not your house or apartment, but your planet. Check out this high res photo of Earth taken by the Suomi NPP satellite.  Reminder that this big blue marble sure is a pretty place to call home.


Brave New World:  So from outer space, Earth looks pretty similar to what is looked like 30 years ago.   Down here on the surface… um not so much.  If you feel like the world is changing faster than you can keep track of you may want to check out this article from Harvard Business Review “Are You Learning As Fast As The World Is Changing.”  Great suggestions on how to keep up in a world that seems to spin faster every day.


Flute Loops: Finally there is this.  A crazy awesome flute / beatbox video that will make you wish you had actually practiced an instrument as a kid so you could be 1/2 this cool.

From everyone here at The OG, have an awesome weekend!

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