The OG Weekender: 10.21.2011

Looking for some creative and interesting content to consume this weekend?  Fear not:  The Ohlmann Group team has once again put together an eclectic collection of links for your enjoyment.  This edition of The OG Weekender features fun from around Dayton, web design, creativity, technology, and of course pumpkins.

Arts & Entertainment – Looking for some cultured fun in Dayton?  The Dayton Ballet will be performing Sleepy Hollow and Hyding Inside this weekend at The Victoria Theatre, while The Dayton Opera will be performing La Boheme at The Schuster Center.

Dare to be Scared: With mid-October upon us there are just 2 weekends left to check out The Land of Illusion, one of the most amazing haunted attractions in the region, if not the world.  The monsters, zombies, vampires, and ghouls are well practiced by now, and they are ready to scare you out of your gourd.

Pumpkin Carving – Now is the perfect time to carve those pumpkins in preparation for Halloween.  Looking for creative design inspiration for your Jack-O-Lanter?  Check out this phenomenal collection of expressive pumpkin carvings.  (Historically I just go with a few circles & tri-angles for a face.  Looks like I may need to step my game up.)

Stupid and Lazy – Yet another great blog post by the always insightful Seth Godin on what is really holding you back.  This take all of about 15 seconds to read, and yet will set your mind off in a slightly altered direction, as most of Seth’s posts so brilliantly do.

Friday Night Jam Session– Tonight on ThinkTV 16 at 9:00pm, American Masters features the debut of Pearl Jam Twenty.  The film, directed by Cameron Crowe, is a retrospective look at the career of one of the most influential rock bands in modern American culture – following the group from its humble beginnings in Seattle to the present day.

Time for A Blog Facelift? – If by chance you are looking to change the look of your blog this weekend, peruse this great collection of blog and web designs from Six Revisions.  Truly some amazing work to check out that may provide you the little boost of inspiration and creative energy you have been looking for.

Hope you enjoy our latest offering of internet goodness and your weekend!

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