The OG Weekender – 11.11.11

Yellow Angry BirdHappy Veterans’ Day, Happy Binary Day – 11/11/11 – and Happy Friday from The Ohlmann Group.  As you wrap up the week and head out into the wonder that is the weekend ahead, we have put together yet another set of internet awesomeness for your digital consuming pleasure.

What Are You Watching?  Earlier this week I wrote about how we are spending a lot of time on social networks, and why that may not be bad.  Now, just in time to support my premise comes this collection of facts from Mashable about how we actually spend our time when we watch television.  80% of smartphone users multitask while watching television.  Learn how people really spend their time when they are “watching tv.”

Unmellow Yellow – If you love angry birds, chances are you really love the Yellow Angry Bird.  If so, check out this awesome analysis of the Physics of the Yellow Angry Bird from Wired.  Turns out there is an optimal way to use this wood smashing, pig crushing, force of nature and take your Angry Birds gameplay to the next level. Woot!

Nice Kitty – We love the Oatmeal.  Why?  Exhibit A – Cat vs Internet.

Measuring Up – How are you measuring your marketing results?  Measurement is a challenge that marketing professionals continue to make progress in addressing.  Want to learn some facts about marketing measurement? Check out this cool infographic from Marketing Profs.

Happy Veterans Day – Finally, we wanted to express how much we appreciate the incredible sacrifices of America’s Veterans – including our very own Walter Ohlmann.  Here is an excellent  resource that Google has created to help Veterans and their families.   To all who have serve or are actively serving our country – Thank You!


Hope you enjoy our latest collection of digital goodness.  Read, share, comment, and of course have a great weekend!


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