The OG Weekender – 11.18.2011

6 Days to go until Thanksgiving.  We are thankful for so many things. What are you going to talk about with your friends and family on Turkey Day?  Well, here are some creativity themed, conversation-worthy articles and links for you to discuss over a tall glass of gravy courtesy of your friends at The Ohlmann Group.

How Did They Come Up With That? – Do you ever wish you could be a little more creative?  Fear not!  This Harvard Business Review article from Tony Schwartz gives you the inside scoop on How to Think Creatively?  Perhaps you can apply this creativity to developing a  business use for all that leftover cranberry sauce?

Top Secret Information – Bob Gill shares his 8 Secrets to Creative Thinking.  This is a great article on how to find your creative voice, which you will need to liven up those holiday discussions.  (No, Stuffing your face with Turkey & Taters followed by drinking 11 Bottles of Mickey’s Big Mouth Malt Liquor with your weird Uncle Roy did not make Bob’s list.)

What’s Holding You Back?  – Often the answer to that question is you. If you want to be more creative you have to be willing to work at it, which starts with trusting in yourself and getting over your fear.  This blog post by Stephen Brewster, Trust, Hope and Hustle, is a perfect motivational piece to get you over your creative fear.  Don’t be afraid to be creative, and don’t be afraid to try that weird green Jello salad your Aunt Sally makes.  The outcome of both will be surprisingly good.

That Sounds Wrong  – Getting your entire family together in a crowded space may be just the creative breakthrough you need.  According to 99%, Anger is just one of the 8 Counter Intuitive Ways to Improve Your Well Being & Creativity.  In the event you completely lose it and smack your cousin Jerry in the face with a turkey leg, just explain that you are simply trying to bring out your creative best.

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. – No doubt you will have to endure some confusing stories over Thanksgiving dinner.  Help these and other stories make more sense by picking up a copy of Dan Roam’s newest book Blah, Blah, Blah: What To Do When Words Don’t Work – a brilliant assessment of how you can use simple drawings to make words more meaningful.  Read this book and then you will be able to use mashed potatoes and gravy to vividly map out that confusing story your mom tells about how your Great Uncle Archibold escaped an English prison by hiding in the well underneath the train station only to proove himself innocent years later by inventing the semi colon or whatever other seemingly incoherent tale is explained to you.


Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!





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