The OG Weekender: 12.16.2011

Four days until Hanukkah.  Nine days until Christmas.  Ten days until Kwanzaa.  Yep, the holidays are here.  Finish up your shopping.  Get your family plans in order.  Prepare yourself for the days ahead, and then… kick back and enjoy another action packed edition of the OG Weekender – our weekly collection of digital awesomeness from across the interwebs.


News of Death Greatly Exaggerated – Think that print ads are dead.  Well just hold up there a second compadre.  This Collection of 40 Fresh and Creative Print Ads compiled by DesignM.Ag may just change your perspective on the status.  Judging by this I would say print is still alive and well.


Talk, Talk, Talk – We love TED talks.  These short presentations are always thought provoking and inspiring.  We also love best of lists, staple food of bloggers and web publishers everywhere.  Thus, it just seems right that a best of TED Talks 2011 is worth sharing.  Compiled by ReadWriteWeb, this post is all loaded up with interestingness.  Enjoy and feel yourself getting smarter in the process.


Chubby HubbyHubspot is an amazing source of educational marketing content and has a pretty amazing marketing platform to boot.  Want proof?  Check out their latest post on 7 Epic Uses of Twitter’s New Embeddable Tweet Feature.  Seriously, they crank out content like this daily.  If you aren’t checking them out, do so.


Stop It – A few months ago I blogged about the idea of creating a stop doing list.  Well leave it to the smarties at Harvard Business Review to one up me and actually create a list of things to stop doing for you.  Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012 by Dorie Clark is full of great advice on what you need to quit.


Good Advice – Seth Godin is a go to guy when it comes to good advice.  Normally this advice is geared to marketing and business people, but occasionally Seth just drops some straight up common sense on you.  Well, here is just such a post – Assorted Tips, Hope They Help.  A list of twelve random suggestions from someone who seems to have an infinite supply of them.  Thankfully Seth is kind enough to share the ideas he formulates in that shiny cranium with the rest of us regular folk.


Enjoy the weekend and rest up.  The holidays are coming!

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