The OG Weekender: 2.17.2012

The weekend is here!  Hooray!  Winter refuses to end, but the sun is shining in Dayton today, and spring is not too far off.  President’s Day is approaching which means… well? I guess it means that it will be like pretty much any other weekend.  With that said, the weekend would not be complete without a heaping helping of links from your pals at The Ohlmann Group.  We call it The OG Weekender.  So… here goes.


I was working on being more creative, honest! – In the event you spend the weekend partying your time away, well here is the article for you.  Turns out you can justify your hedonistic behavior with this little jem from Lifehacker that discusses how being drunk and or tired can help you be creative?  Well, if nothing else it provides a creative excuse for your behavior.

Totally Random, well… almost – Turns out this week is random acts of kindness week.  Now for the sticklers out there, dedicating a week to something means it is no longer random, but it is a good reason to do something nice. Learn more about it here.

Help, I’m Stuck – If you work in a job where you have to create, you may be familiar with the idea of being stuck.  Good news.  Here is an awesome little piece called Get Unstuck that is loaded up with practical advice to help you get moving again.

That’s What She Said – Ever looking for that perfect little quote that sums up a big idea?  Well one of the best places to find big ideas is TED and they have been kind enough to put together a collection of great TED quotes.

Original Thinking – Looking for some original ideas?  What better way to get them than by looking at other people’s ideas.  Check out this collection of 20 Fresh and Creative Advertising Ideas.


On behalf of the Ohlmann Group, have a wonderful, creative, and fun weekend.

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