The OG Weekender: 2.24.2012

The last weekend of February is here – although we do get an extra day of February next week – and it is time for another edition of the wonderful, the amazing, the incredible, and the obligatory OG Weekender.  The following is a collection of interestingness curated carefully by our crack staff of interweb experts, trained animals, and carneys for your viewing, reading, and general consumption pleasure.   Enjoy!

Wanna Know A Secret?  Secret is smart enough for a man, but made for a woman… Wait, wrong secret.  If you have an iphone, you may be interested in learning these 40 secret iphone features that can elevate you closer to full ninja status.  Swiping, synching, flagging, emoji, vibration and more.

Take A Flying Leap – 2012 is a leap year.  Wonder why we have leap year?  This article will tell you why, how it came about, what is significant about it, and more.  Even better, it does it in an infographic – oooohhh pictures!

Where There is A Will… Ooo Look a Butterfly!Are distractions a problem for you?  In this digital age it can be really easy to be really distracted which can be really maddening because you really get nothing done if all you do is bounce really quickly from site to site to site all day long.  Really!  If this is a problem for you, focus your attention on this article from Harvard Business Review about using willpower to overcome distraction and accomplish things.

The Missing Link – Over 50 Million people in the United States use LinkedIn.  Still, the platform remains a mystery to many.  If you are wondering about the merits of LinkedIn, check out this snazzy infographic that gives you a very informative overview of the platform, its users and its potential users.

Exercise Your Brain – Want your brain to perform better.  Well reading this blog will help.  Mix in some books, ted talks, and a good night’s sleep and you will be on your way.  Really want to kick your brain into gear.  Well, get off your couch and run.  According to this article from The New York Times, exercise can help your brain perform at a higher level and for longer periods of time.

That’s all for this week.  From everyone here at The Ohlmann Group, have a great weekend!

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