The OG Weekender: 2.3.2012

It’s Friday!  Here in Dayton we are experiencing an incredibly warm stretch of winter weather, so this weekend you can get out and enjoy the balmy 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a rare February outdoor bike ride, run, or hike.  Of course even if you don’t get outside this weekend, it is going to be super, with Superbowl 46 happening just a short drive west on 1-70 in Indianapolis.  The Ohlmann Group team has assembled the following collection of internet awesomeness to keep you entertained between now and your big Superbowl Sunday Soiree.

SuperDuper: What would the super bowl be without apps?  Well, I guess it would be like pretty much every superbowl of the past.  However if you are ready for the superbowl experience of the future, check out this list of 10 Super apps for the Big Game from Dayton’s CW.

Check Your Head: Meditation has been shown to help improve concentration, creativity, and mental well being.  If you are looking to start practicing meditation, check out Headspace.  The website offers a free 10 day meditation program at which point in time you can pay if you want more.  They even have a mobile app, so you can work on your mindfulness on the go.

Crunch & Munch: If you have an iphone and use LinkedIn, you will want to check out their app cardmunch. This crazy cool app enables you to take a picture of a business card, submit it for processing, and then shortly thereafter, add the person to your iphone contacts and send an invitation to connect on Linkedin.  Very handy for the power networkers out there with the ever present stack of collected business cards piled up.

I Like to Watch:  If you like to listen to music on Pandora and watch video on YouTube, chances are you are going to love Tubalr – a music centered video site that finds music videos and live performance clips of bands you love and bands you will be likely to love.  Very cool tool for those who like to watch.

What A Tool:  What would a weekend be without a big dose of geekery?  Here are 20 free tools to evaluate social media courtesy of Ragan’s PR Daily.  There are some common tools like Klout and Social Mention and plenty of obscure ones too – enabling you to be the one who found out about it before everyone else.  Lucky!



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