The OG Weekender: 3.30.2012

Helloooooooooo Dayton!    Just in time for the weekend here’s a little linky love from your old pals at The Ohlmann Group.  We call it The OG Weekender – our once a week, chock full of awesome, carefully curated, pink slime free webby goodness from all across the intertubes.  Enjoy!

Do Something – You want to get more done.  You wish you knew how.  Well Nicholas Bate is offering 50 Ways to Boost Your Productivity.  Yes you will need to sacrifice a minute or two to read all 50, but the knowledge you gain should more than make up for that in your new approach to productivity.

Crystal Clear – Speaking of productive, Jason Fried, founder of 37 Signals, has an excellent post about the importance of clarity in the customer relationship.  The post, What Clarity is All About, is short, sweet, and freaking brilliant.  Give it a read.

Private Parts – Yes the much hyped Facebook Timeline is here.  Like it or not your idle threats to leave facebook once and for all this time were once again ignored forcing you to deal with it.  Most people just want to make sure that their secret stuff stays secret, and their public stuff stays in tact.  So, we figured we would share this article from Nadine Myrick at Soshable –  6 Privacy Tips For the Facebook Application Timeline.  You have been warned.

Kill or Be Killed – Do you feel like your day is an unproductive juggling act, performed on a flaming tightrope, over a pool of sharks?  Are you just feeling the need to be more productive?  Check out Jocelyn K. Glei’s post from the99% blog – It’s Time to Kill Multi-tasking.  The post features some great suggestions for doing less and getting more out of your day, every day.

Link Love – Well what more appropriate way to end a post full of links than with a link to a post about links – chain links that is.  Check out Lace Fence, who has taken to making crazy cool custom designed chain link fences.  Yes, everything can be made interesting, just in case you were wondering.

Thanks once again for visiting our site, reading our posts, and being the one and only, amazingly wonderful you.  Enjoy the weekend!



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