The OG Weekender: 3.9.2012

March marches on.  We are not quite mad yet, but basketball conference tournaments are winding down this weekend and the brackets are forthcoming.  In case you want something to check out during the endless fouls and commercial breaks at the end of each and every game, we’ve got you covered with another all star edition of The OG Weekender – our weekly collection of interweb goodness.

First Things First – The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament starts next week and it tips off right here in Dayton.  This weekend will be filled with celebration as Dayton welcomes the First Four to town with a huge party in the Oregon District on Sunday.  There is a run, games, events, bands, and more all in a run up to the christening of the 2012 brackets.  The festivities will be followed by some great basketball here in town next week.  Even the President and The British Prime Minister will be here.  For tickets to the game or info about Sunday’s party check out the event website or follow the event on twitter – @FirstFourDayton

Dead On Arrival – There is a difference between writing killer content and writing content that dies.  While nobody can be certain as to what kind of response a blog post will receive, this article from seomoz will give you a bunch of best practices to follow to avoid killing your content.

Back to Basics – So you don’t have time to read book after book and article upon article on the latest and greatest in social media.  You just want the basics.  Well, check out this short article from Harvard Business Review all about the basics of social media.  Reading this takes :30 seconds and will make you Harvard Educated – at least in a small capacity.

Totally AwesomeJeff Bullas is awesome.  LinkedIn is awesome.  Infographics are awesome.  Combine the 3 into one post and what you get is….. awesome.  Check out this great post about LinkedIn from Jeff that includes an amazing infographic about the platform from

Shave & A Haircut – This video from Dollar Shave Club has been making its way around the net lately.  It is a very low-fi, high comedy commercial for a company that will send you razorblades in the mail every month for a dollar.  Simple business, simple video, simply awesome.



From everyone here at The Ohlmann Group, have a great weekend!

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