The OG Weekender – 9.2.2011

A Collection of Goodness: 

It’s Friday.  As you head into the holiday weekend, you are probably getting geared up for cookouts, fireworks, and end of the summer fun.  Who knows, you may just be fortunate enough to have a little time to relax and read this weekend too.  The team here at The OG thought that it might be nice for us to save you some time by doing the legwork of finding some great content for you to check out.   The following is what we came up with for you:

  • Are You A Social Media Stats Junkie?  If you love interesting statistics, are curious about the growth of social media, or simply want a few facts to throw around so you sound smart at a Labor Day party this weekend, check out Thirteen Mind-Bending Social Media Marketing Statistics, from the good people at Hubspot.  “13 just ain’t enough!” you say.  Well, just in case you want more check out Jeff Bullas’ list of 20 Stunning Social Media Statistics.
  • “Loved Those Stats, But I Am A Marketing Data Nerd Who Is Also Creative!”  The world of marketing is changing thanks to the advent of digital technology.  This has created a whole new breed of analytical marketing geek / creative uber genius.   Want to learn more about the rise of this Frankenstein of the modern marketing world?  Check out this fantastic article from Adage that details the rise of the whole brained marketer.
  • Interested in learning about QR Codes?  QR Codes are all the rage in the marketing world.  It turns out that more and more brands are using them. Why?  People are increasingly scanning them.  Check out how Victoria’s Secret and other brands are making use of the QR Code to enhance their marketing initiatives in this article from Fast Company.
  • Want To Read A Great Book?  Check Todd Henry’s new book The Accidental Creative. This is a must read for anyone who gets paid for creating big ideas.  Todd offers up a wealth of advice on how to avoid burnout, enjoy your work, and prepare your mind to be creative at a moment’s notice.
  • “My Brain Hurts From Thinking All Week.  No Reading! I Just Want Pretty Pictures!” – We understand.  Your cranium is over heated from a long week of work, and you are in desperate need of some cool creative inspiration to return you to sanity.   Check out Illustration Inspiration, a collection of beautiful illustrations from a variety of artists.

That ought to keep you busy for at least 10 minutes this weekend.  Rest up, read up, and have a great holiday weekend.

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