The OG Weekender: 9.23.2011

Ohlmann Group Pumpkin LogoA gorgeous, gray, rainy, first fall Friday here in Dayton.  The leaves are just starting to hint that they will no longer be green, nor be attached to the trees.  The air has the crisp feeling of autumn.  This is a great weekend to get out and go for a hike, carve a pumpkin, hit one of the many local the apple orchards, or better yet, head down to the Dayton Art Institute for Oktoberfest and enjoy beverages, food, friends, celebration, and conversation.  What can you talk about?  Fear not.  We have put together agreat collection of interesting articles, posts, and links to serve as conversational fodder for you on this fine fall weekend:


THE GREAT OUTDOOR – Check out this collection of remarkable billboards and outdoor ads put together by Sté Kerwer.  The article features great designs and creative marketing pieces from all around the world.  These are definitely conversation worthy pieces of advertising.

PANDORA REOPENS THE BOX – Popular music website Pandora announced this week that it was removing the 40 hour monthly listening limit attached to free accounts, and unveiled a slick new look.  This is great news if you are short on Polka mp3’s and are looking to get down to some pre-party Roll Out The Barrel & Chicken Dance with your crew.


WILD, WACKY, WEIRD STUFF – Marketing Superhero Seth Godin has a new book out called We Are All Weird.  The book is amazing and yet another must-read for marketing professionals in search of inspiration and wisdom.  Not sold?  Check out David Meerman Scott’s review of the book, which includes a discussion of Fat Tire (Dear New Belgium, Please come to Ohio! k thx bye)


FOCUS! – Focusing your attention on anything, let alone the right thing, can be challenging in today’s always on world.  Learning where to focus your brainpower in order to solve a problem is an extremely valuable skill.  Check out this article on Focus from Art Markman, PhD that appeared in The Harvard Business Review.  The article discusses when it is appropriate to focus on details and when the big picture is the more important to pay attention to.  Very helpful advice.


CH CH CH CH CHANGES – In the event that you slept through yesterday or just returned from a remote Amish village, Facebook made some big changes to their design and policies yesterday at F8.  To see people complaining about it, simply log into facebook and check out your newsfeed – as happens everytime they update things.  To see what the implications of these changes are to your business, check out this article from Fast Company.


BLOCKED! – Creative people sometimes encounter the dreaded Block to the creative process.  This can be extremely frustrating, particular for those whose livelihood depends on developing creative ideas and concepts.  Check out this free e-book from Mark McGuinness called 20 Creative Blocks and How to Break Through Them.  The book is a quick read and filled with suggestions on how to get the creative juices flowing when you feel like the well hath run dry.  As a bonus, check out Mark’s article What Daily Meditation Can Do for Your Creativity.


So, to recap we shared billboards, books, beer, business reviews, big changes, and breakthrough ideas to meditate on in between the fun you have planned for the first weekend of fall.   Enjoy your weekend!


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