The OG Weekender: October 7th, 2011

Anybody else a little groggy after getting up at 3:00 AM to pre-order an iphone 4S?  As the coffee begins to fade and the weekend approaches, we here at the Ohlmann Group offer you up the following links for your enjoyment this weekend.  However, with the weather outside looking more like mid-June than late October, we understand if you don’t get around to checking them out right away.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful combination of changing leaves and warm temperatures, as both will be gone soon.


RIP Steve Jobs: Easily the saddest, most stunning news of the week was the passing of Steve Jobs.  Facebook, Twitter, and websites everywhere were filled with people paying tribute to one of the most prolific geniuses of our time.  I found this tribute by Wired Magazine to be exceptionally good.  Take a look and consider just what the world lost this week.  Be well Steve, wherever you are.  Thanks for making us all Think Different.


LinkedIn Company Status Updates:  LinkedIn copied facebook this week in a good way, enabling companies to provide status updates.  Here is a great informational and instructional blog post from Hubspot on how to use this great new feature.


How Can I Use Twitter For Business?  People seem to ask me this question all the time.  In this blog post, Blogger Jeff Bullas provides 37 ways to use Twitter for Business purposes.


Are There Tools That Can Help With Twitter?  This is another question I hear quite often.  Here is a great list of top Twitter tools from SocialMediaToday.


Infographics Are Awesome – Check out this great infographic and article on Product Development that appeared on Mashable this week from Ronald Brown.


Be More Creative – Looking for ways to become more creative?  Check out this post, 55 Ways To Be More Creative,  from WithoutWax.TV


Hope you enjoy our collection of internet awesomeness.



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