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The Ohlmann Group Creative Brief: 2.13.2012

BY: ON February 13, 2012

Forest Gump said life was like a box of chocolates.  True or not, life is full of opportunities to be creative.  This week’s creative brief involves taking 3 randomly chosen words and explaining life with them.  It’s titled Life is like…

The 3 randomly chosen words for the exercise are:

  • Daisy
  • Match
  • Kiosk

Your task is to finish the following statement:

Life is like a (random word).  Explanation.


Here is an example – Life is like a daisy – beautiful, simple, fragile, and gone before you know it.

So get creative and tell us something about life in the process.  Share your creative idea in the comments or comment on our facebook page.  Have a wonderful and creative week!


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