The synergy of media buying

By: Linda Kahn, Senior Vice President, Media

What defines an effective media campaign? The standard measure is when the greatest numbers of targeted people receive your message the most times possible and move toward your desired behavior.

How do you achieve this ideal? You effectively leverage media synergy. It is essential – from the earliest stages of developing your campaign – to consider factors such as budget, timing and target audience in order to maximize the combined reach and frequency of your message.



Although cable and the Internet have recently challenged its potential, TV remains the “Reach King.” Almost every household has at least one television. All demographic audiences view TV.



Billboards and radio are great tools for achieving effective frequency. Billboards are purchased in “showings” – groupings that deliver daily “impressions” – equivalent to a certain percentage of the market (i.e., #25 or 25%, #50 or 50%), in monthly flights. Similarly, radio is purchased in broadcast flights, to increase a message’s targeted frequency over time.


Buying media

We buy media recognizing that each medium works with the others – creating a synergistic effect that plays to the senses of sight and sound, and to the emotions. We consumers don’t fully realize this. We wake up and turn on the TV; go to the kitchen and read the newspaper; and leave for work, turning on our radio. As we drive, we pass billboards that emphasize the message we just saw or heard.

Consider the media that send you messages during a typical day. Use that experience to create a synergism that carries a powerful message, applying a variety of media that work well together. As you employ your media mix, we wish you many successful campaigns!

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