The Ten Commandments of Good Advertising

If thou wilt, have thine advertising be most effective for your company, then thou shouldst follow these ten commandments:


  1. Thou Shalt Know Thine Own Business.

If you don’t know your own business and your own market, you simply cannot tell good advice from bad. In order to obtain this knowledge:

  1. Thou Shouldst Invest in Good Research.

Market research is essential to spending your promotional dollars most effectively.

  1. Take Thine Advice With A Little Salt.                                                                    No advertising company worth its salt will object to your taking their advice with a little salt of your own. After all, they know your business and you know yours. Your input is valuable to them.
  2. Keep Thine Sights Aimed At The Target.                                                             Establish a marketing objective, then stick to it! Above all, don’t hold back. Put all your marketing might into achieving it.
  3. Remember Thou, Thine Advertising Must Speak to Thine Consumer.      Your advertising should speak to your customers, not be designed to please you. Tell your prospective customers what you can do for them…now.
  4. Stick Thou To One Subject Only.                                                                           Telling more than one story only serves to confuse the reader. Stick to one subject, and cover it forcefully and well.
  5. Thou Shalt Keep Thine Message Simple.                                                                   Go straight to the point immediately, and make your point with a passion. Keep the language as clear and straightforward as possible.
  6. If It’s Working, Thou Shalt Not Fix It.                                                                 If you’ve got a good ad, keep running it. As long as it’s pulling in good response, don’t discard it just because you are sick of it. Remember, you live with the ad, your customers’ just visit.
  7. Thou Shalt Also Not Let a Good Ad Go To Waste.                                      Familiarity breeds awareness, which breeds preference, which breeds sales. Don’t let your good ads gather dust. Keep them working for you constantly, building continuity, (and results!) by running on a regular schedule in carefully selected media.
  8. Remember, Thine Agency Is On Thine Own Team.                                            Every good agency wants to work as part of your corporate team. The closer your agency works with you – and the more it knows about your business – the better it will be able to produce hard-hitting, result-getting marketing programs for your company.

Go thou forth now, keeping these in mind. Live by these principles and thine marketing programs shall bring forth fruit and multiply.




Penny Ohlmann Neimann

The Ohlmann Group has a rich history that began in Dayton, Ohio in 1949, where the agency was founded as Penny and Penny by Bob Penny and his wife Jean. In 1964, Walter Ohlmann joined the firm. Ralph Neiman came on in 1969 and the firm became Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman. In 2011, P/O/N was renamed The Ohlmann Group to better reflect the agency's ongoing evolution and collaborative nature.

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