“A Perfect Fit” Website

City of Vandalia

A Website that Fits Just Right

The city of Vandalia, Ohio is a growing, vibrant community located near the I-75/I-70 corridor in the northern Dayton Region. Although they had a voluminous city website that detailed the departments and offices of the city, they lacked a web presence with any kind of lifestyle component. They needed a specific website devoted to promoting their entertainment, fitness, and restaurant and nightlife options in the area. It would serve as a tool for recruiting residents and business to the area.

After a series of strategic meetings, The Ohlmann Group worked with the City of Vandalia to create a new website for Vandalia with the theme, “a perfect fit.” For potential businesses, it would show the many lifestyle perks that the city had to offer. For potential residents, it could be used as a reference for anyone researching a new home with links to local realtors. For current residents, it had a frequently updated social calendar that listed all of the upcoming events that the city had to offer. In the end, it helped the city establish an online presence as a thriving, active city.

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