“Best Road to Your Future” Campaign

Sinclair Community College

The “Road” Show

With an enrollment of 24,000 students, the Sinclair Community College campus college in downtown Dayton, Ohio, is among the largest community college campuses in America. In addition, their Courseview campus in Mason caters to an entirely different audience in the Cincinnati region. For over a decade, Sinclair has trusted The Ohlmann Group to its complex media planning and buying. We also welcome the opportunity to contribute to their marketing needs on a creative scale as well.

The “Best Road to Your Future” campaign was created to demonstrate that, no matter the life circumstances of their students, Sinclair is still the best road to success. We collaborated with Sinclair to tell the stories of a handful of real Sinclair students, from incoming freshmen looking for a jump start to a 4-year college to older adult education students forced to learn new skills to start a new career path. The outdoor, radio, digital, and television campaign was omnipresent in the Southern Ohio region for well over a year.

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