Brochure campaign

Hartzell Propeller

High Flying Results

Hartzell Propeller doesn’t have a single customer base. They appeal to a variety of audiences. One audience manufactures airplanes. One audience is a group of owners who need their airplane serviced. One audience wants to buy a new propeller to upgrade their current prop. With the different audiences and the different groups within the company with their own unique message, Hartzell needed a consistent design template for their collateral marketing materials.

The Ohlmann Group created a group of compelling marketing brochures that helped standardize the presentation of their brand. The marketing pieces display nicely together at trade shows and sales displays. They closely follow a strong brand standard that clearly identifies them as Hartzell products. And they briefly and concisely present the Hartzell message to their audience of choice.

“The Ohlmann Group is a fantastic business partner for us.  From creative, high impact website design to marketing materials and project management, they consistently hit it out of the park!”

JJ Frigge

Executive Vice President, Hartzell Propeller

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