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The Whole Nine Yards for DataYard

DataYard provides their clients not only with dependable Internet access, but also server co-location in their state-of-the-art Data Center, scalable cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) options, and data backup and storage services. It’s a group of services that many of their potential customers knew little about. Unfortunately, visitors to their website were intimidated by content filled with industry jargon and a menu that was difficult to navigate. The website needed to show a human side behind the wires and circuits.

They asked The Ohlmann Group to do just that. Through engaging design, warm photography, and a complete overhaul of the content and sitemap, we made the new DataYard site more inviting and much more personable. For instance, the Service pages on the new website now have a unique split-screen design that speaks to both novices and experts, so nobody is intimidated by the content any longer. And, as it scales down to tablet and mobile screens, it retains its contemporary look and easy navigation.

“The Ohlmann Group was great to work with on the design and launch of our website. Start to finish the creative and technical teams actively communicated with us, offered options and listened to our feedback. They are highly skilled professionals and great people.”

Masten Worley

Director of Sales and Marketing, DataYard

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