Direct Marketing Campaign

Economy Linen Hospital Services

The 100K Attache

Economy Linen Hospital Services provides off-site laundry services for regional hospitals in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Their challenge has always been to convince these hospitals that Economy Linen’s outsourced laundry services offer substantial savings over the in-house hospital services. In fact, savings typically start at $100,000 per year.

Economy Linen needed a creative vehicle to get this message to a very select group of hospital CFO’s and – in the end – convince them to call for a free savings audit. The hand-delivered 100K attaché featured a briefcase personalized for each CFO and each hospital. The contents of the case include a personalized flyer and directed the CFO to a personalized url. The personalized url played host to a customized animated video, as well as a savings calculator and a $1000 charitable donation offer for hospitals that schedule an appointment for an audit. A branded thumb drive, which also contained the video, was also included. The campaign was extremely targeted, extremely effective, and extremely fun to implement.

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