Marketing Materials: OPRA

Ohio Parks and Recreation Association

Great Support for the Great Outdoors

Ohio Parks & Recreation Association is a non-profit, public interest organization representing over 1300 professionals and citizen board members striving to provide quality park and recreational facilities and opportunities for all Ohioans while protecting¬†and preserving Ohio’s natural resources. When they needed a marketing partner to create all of their advertising materials for their yearly state-wide conference, The Ohlmann Group was their first choice. Then, they invited us back the next following two years to do it again.

We created a wide variety of creative advertising materials for these conferences, from logos and branding elements to postcards, e-blasts, programs, print advertisements, and signs. And, beyond that, we kept the delivery of all of the materials on schedule and on budget, despite working on complicated programs and itineraries with content that often needed approval from committee.

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