“On the Go” Campaign and Social Media Marketing

Wright Patt Credit Union

Engaging Members All The Way Up to the CEO

Because of our active lifestyles and the abundance of technology at our fingertips, the era of brick-and-mortar banking is giving way to a more virtual online experience. Bank customers appreciate the convenience of services like online bill-paying and online deposits, but are often tentative about embracing the new technologies. With that in mind, Wright-Patt Credit Union approached The Ohlmann Group about creating not just a campaign that promoted mobile banking, but also a social media outreach that encouraged credit union members to share their positive experiences.

We created the “On the Go” campaign featuring Wright-Patt Credit Union CEO Doug Felcher as its focal point. Doug, like any other WPCU member, could enjoy the convenience of mobile banking while in his back yard or on a motorcycle trip miles away. While Doug’s posters, newspaper ads, e-blasts, and digital display ads featured his words of endorsement, they also encouraged other members to share their own stories and photos of their experiences using mobile banking “on the go.” The end result was a Facebook contest which exceeded the clients expectations and a campaign that not only raised awareness of mobile banking, but gave it a distinctly human face.

“As a member-owned cooperative, it's important from our members' perspective that our brand represent Wright-Patt Credit Union's personality - who we are, what we represent and how we relate to people. The Ohlmann Group was able to grasp our brand quickly. They put together two new fresh and fun campaigns for product lines that were not actively promoted in the past. The look and the tone were very much Wright-Patt Credit Union. As a client, what stands out the most is the time the Ohlmann Group takes to provide you with the "extra". Not only did they help us create a unique social media contest to generate excitement for our mobile app, but they also found a special vendor who could support our unique reporting requirements. This was a huge time saver for our team. And, we stood out in a crowd, which generated far more entries than we expected”

Tracy Fors

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Wright-Patt Credit Union

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