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Victory is Ours!

The Victory Project is an inspiring non-profit organization based in Dayton that feels that our youth no longer need to depend on a criminal or social system which can enable their destructive lifestyles. Instead, they help area help young men find freedom and independence by obtaining marketable skills allows them to compete in the workforce. Unfortunately, their website was dated, difficult to navigate, and not responsively designed for tablet or mobile devices.

The Ohlmann Group designed and developed a new website for The Victory Project that gives them a better marketing tool for their remarkable business model and, at the same time, is more user-friendly on both the front and back ends. In celebration of The Ohlmann Group’s 65th anniversary in 2014, we promised to donate 65 hours of our time to this project. In the end, we donated twice that amount, perhaps paying it forward for their next 65 years of services to our community.

“As the owner of a small business and founder of a non-profit we wanted to work with people who didn't just know our industry, but someone who took the time to learn our unique brand within that industry. The Ohlmann Group did that and more. They made insightful suggestions, expanded my understanding of marketing platforms and delivered a product beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend The Olhmann Group to any business or non-profit who wants exceedingly quality work and individualized accessibility to marketing professionals. We enjoyed the experience and look forward to other opportunities to work with The Ohlmann Group in the future.”

Monnie Bush

President, Victory Project

The Ohlmann Group 1605 N. Main Street, Dayton, OH 45405 | (937) 278-0681