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Hola, Bienvenue, and Welkom

The City of Dayton has long been a melting pot of people coming from different countries, backgrounds, and religious beliefs, but one thing that they have in common is their passion and drive. The city recognized that immigrants are 20% more likely to start new businesses, which would in turn create new jobs. In an effort to attract immigrants to the Miami Valley and brand Dayton as an immigrant-friendly city, the City of Dayton launched a series of initiatives to provide a welcoming climate for people relocating from other nations. The plan was ambitious and revolutionary, but they needed help spreading the word far outside our city, beyond borders.

Working with the city and a variety of international organizations in Dayton, The Ohlmann Group created a website specifically geared to immigrants abroad, presenting Dayton as a city of opportunity. City leaders and immigrants living in the city shared their stories about their Dayton experience and the importance of this initiative. The “Welcome Dayton” program has already generated interest from news outlets in New York to a rice farmer in China looking to move to the Dayton region.

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