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Shelby Quinlivan is the Director of Public Relations at The Ohlmann Group. She helps clients strategize media relations, crisis communications, social media presence and event planning. Her background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Communications - Public Relations from the University of Dayton and over seven years of experience in corporate, non-profit and agency public relations and marketing.

You’re The Best Around, Nothing’s Gonna Ever Keep You Down

Last Thursday evening The Ohlmann Group marketing team joined a small group of businesses from across the Dayton region to celebrate being named by the Dayton Business Journal as one of Dayton’s Best Places to Work for 2014.   The event featured a marching band, costumes, songs, cheers, fun, food, drink, and an auditorium filled with exceptionally talented and extremely friendly professionals from a diverse set of businesses.  It was an honor to be included in such a great group of local firms.

Each business was called upon to come to the stage one by one, accept the award, and offer a brief acceptance speech.  Some were poetic, others philosophical, some serious, others humorous, some impromptu, while others were scripted.  What all of them shared was a sense of pride in having created a place where great people can enjoy doing great things.  I was given the honor of delivering the acceptance speech on behalf of The Ohlmann Group, which I was happy to share with those in attendance.  I figured I’d share it here too:

“The secret to what we do at the Ohlmann Group is simple.  In fact it really is no secret at all.  We have built our culture around love.  

  • We love our craft – Walter Ohlmann .  Creating the future is fun. 
  • We love our clients – we care deeply about them, their businesses, their lives, goals, hopes, dreams, & aspirations and we work hard to deliver real results for them through our efforts. 
  • We love each other – we’re like a family.  We work closely together as a team,  fighting, laughing, crying, celebrating, cursing, grieving, and growing with each other and collectively as one.  We genuinely care about each other, a sentiment that generates from the leader of our organization Walter Ohlmann, who demonstrates how much he cares for each and every one of us whom he employs every single day.  

I love my job, and I love working for Walter Ohlmann and the company that bears his name.  It is an honor, and the Best Places to Work is a reflection of his hard work and dedication.  Thank you.” 

While the DBJ Best Places to Work award is a wonderful honor, the real prize is getting to come here each and every day and do what I love along side of such a talented group of passionate creative, strategic, and media marketing professionals.

Inspiring Creative Thinking: Bill Pote

Bill Pote is the publisher of Dayton Most Metro, an online magazine connecting people with things to see, do and get involved with across the Dayton Region. Bill is also the President of ResConnex He is a community activist and a strong advocate for using collaboration and creativity as a catalyst for community change. Bill has an Associates Degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management from Purdue University and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Wright State University. Bill is also 2010 recipient of the Dayton Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 Award. Bill is passionate about Dayton, Creativity, and Community and he is my guest in this episode of Inspiring Creative Thinking.



About the Inspiring Creative Thinking Podcast:
Inspiring Creative Thinking is a podcast series produced by The Ohlmann Group, a marketing communications firm that specializes in helping clients to create the future. The podcast features short interviews with creative thinkers – authors, artists, bankers, business people, musicians, medical professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and more. In each podcast, the guest will be asked a similar set of questions about the importance of creativity, their approach to the creative process, and where and how they find creative inspiration. By doing this, we hope to reveal some universal truths about creativity, uncover unique approaches to the creative process, and offer insight into what makes creative thinkers tick.

Why are we doing this? Here are a few reasons. We are nerds who love to create. We always aspire to be better at what we do. We think that the world is a better place when it is filled with creativity. We are curious about creativity, and we believe in sharing what we learn. Learning more about creativity allows us to better serve our clients and have more fun doing what we do. It’s fun.

We hope you listen, learn, enjoy, and subscribe to the itunes podcast feed, share the podcast with others, and get inspired to do something creative.

A Different Take: September 10, 2012

Designer Jason Hart took a field trip to the Dayton Art Institute and saw the Oceanic Art gallery. Here’s a sneak peek for your next trip to find some art and culture at DAI. Enjoy a Different Take!


A Different Take: June 18, 2012

This week’s ADT post is entitled: A Rustic Garden by designer Jason Hart. Enjoy the scenery!


The Ohlmann Group Intern

Rob WalblayHello everyone. My name is Rob Walblay and I’ve recently started an internship position with The Ohlmann Group in my beloved hometown of Dayton, Ohio. I recently graduated from Wright State University receiving a bachelors degree in communication studies, complemented with a minor in marketing. Throughout the first week of interning I’ve had a chance to work with the incredibly talented and friendly staff here at The Ohlmann Group. Directly working under the creatively gifted Chief Marketing Strategist, David Bowman, I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting with and learning about several valued clients of The Ohlmann Group. I can’t express how much I have enjoyed going through the learning process so far of understanding what makes this incredible team so successful at what they do by maximizing each and everyone of their clients’ potential through communication skills and marketing strategy. I look forward to learning more about all aspects of the dynamic process of marketing through each one of this group’s gifted staff members.



A Different Take: May 14, 2012

Though May flowers is what the saying insists will happen, designer Gary Haschart got caught in a bit of a rainstorm at Hills and Dale’s Five Rivers Metro Parks last week. Luckily, an artist never forgets his camera and he captured the beauty of Ohio nature. Enjoy a different take!


the new creative guy

We’re excited to welcome Jim Hausfeld to The Ohlmann Group as our new Creative Director.

In between meetings, learning the world of a MacBookPro and pondering how to decorate his office, he answered a few questions about where he’s been and where he’s looking to go with The Ohlmann Group.


What is your work background?


I’m coming off a 23-year stint as Creative Services Director for Clear Channel Dayton. I was hired for an interim position back in 1988 and just kept coming back.   For most of that time, I also fronted my own freelance writing and production company, In-Haus Creative.


How did you get started in the communications field?


When I was 16, I started working at WCSM Radio in Celina, OH.   I began by engineering the Sunday morning long-form religious shows, until finally working my way up to hosting radio bingo!   Great people, great times. Then, it was on to Ohio University and my eventual first job at WTUE and WONE Radio.   I was hired to replace their full-time Production Director who they moved to the morning show.   His name was Christopher.   His co-host was Kerrigan.   You’re welcome, Dayton.


What made you decide to make the switch to agency life with the Ohlmann Group?


I really love radio and the people in radio, especially my friends at Clear Channel.  But, as I started doing more freelance work, I collaborated with almost every agency in town.   I really enjoyed flexing my creative muscles outside of one medium.   This move to The Ohlmann Group was the “perfect storm” of opportunity, motivation, and sheer dumb luck.   I’m having a blast!


What’s your take on the future of marketing?


I’m living it right here.  Interactive, integrated, and agile.


How do you go about the creative process with a new project?


No matter what the project…no matter what the medium…it all starts with The Message. I enjoy meeting new clients and learning about this business or service that’s a passion of theirs. Everyone has a story. Everyone is special. And once I zero in on their message, everything else just falls into place.



What’s your favorite ad campaign in the last 10 years?


It’s been a mentally grueling first week and I’m not even sure where my car keys are right now, so I’ll just give you my favorite recent one.   The Allstate Mayhem campaign is brilliant.   I never tire of it.


What is your goal for the Ohlmann Group in 2012?


There has been such a genuine transformation here over the last few years. A real energy in the hallways. And, coming off such a successful 2011, I’m certain that we’re poised for continued growth in 2012. My goal is to not screw that up.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


I enjoy every second I share with my wife Lisa, my two kids Mitch and Katie, and Bob the blind bassett hound.   Give me some music, a campfire, and the company of long-time friends, and I’m good.



You have a strong relationship with AAF — what benefits have you seen from that group of communicators?


Yeah, I’ve been involved with AAF-Dayton for years now and I think it’s my 10th year of chairing The Hermes Awards.   To put in simply, I owe my career to them.   Years ago, my friend Sara (McCatherine) coaxed me out of my studio to attend a meeting, and in the time since, I have met the absolute best people in the world.  Advertising is sometimes portrayed as a ruthlessly competitive and brutal profession.  My experience has been nothing of the sort.  There’s a great camaraderie in the profession and AAF-Dayton is a terrific networking channel.   I shudder to think that I’d still be in my padded room, had it not been for that first meeting.


What do you attribute your past success, with the numerous awards you have received, to?


Did I mention I’m the chairperson for the Hermes Awards?



A Different Take: October 3rd, 2011

This week’s A Different Take features a few photos from David Bowman and Gary Haschart.  David shared a shot of the Giant electric X as well as a photo from an uninhabited beach on one of the barrier islands near Charleston, South Carolina.   Gary’s photo is a shot from the Montgomery County fair.   Hope you enjoy them.

The OG Weekender: 9.23.2011

Ohlmann Group Pumpkin LogoA gorgeous, gray, rainy, first fall Friday here in Dayton.  The leaves are just starting to hint that they will no longer be green, nor be attached to the trees.  The air has the crisp feeling of autumn.  This is a great weekend to get out and go for a hike, carve a pumpkin, hit one of the many local the apple orchards, or better yet, head down to the Dayton Art Institute for Oktoberfest and enjoy beverages, food, friends, celebration, and conversation.  What can you talk about?  Fear not.  We have put together agreat collection of interesting articles, posts, and links to serve as conversational fodder for you on this fine fall weekend:


THE GREAT OUTDOOR - Check out this collection of remarkable billboards and outdoor ads put together by Sté Kerwer.  The article features great designs and creative marketing pieces from all around the world.  These are definitely conversation worthy pieces of advertising.

PANDORA REOPENS THE BOX – Popular music website Pandora announced this week that it was removing the 40 hour monthly listening limit attached to free accounts, and unveiled a slick new look.  This is great news if you are short on Polka mp3′s and are looking to get down to some pre-party Roll Out The Barrel & Chicken Dance with your crew.


WILD, WACKY, WEIRD STUFF - Marketing Superhero Seth Godin has a new book out called We Are All Weird.  The book is amazing and yet another must-read for marketing professionals in search of inspiration and wisdom.  Not sold?  Check out David Meerman Scott’s review of the book, which includes a discussion of Fat Tire (Dear New Belgium, Please come to Ohio! k thx bye)


FOCUS! – Focusing your attention on anything, let alone the right thing, can be challenging in today’s always on world.  Learning where to focus your brainpower in order to solve a problem is an extremely valuable skill.  Check out this article on Focus from Art Markman, PhD that appeared in The Harvard Business Review.  The article discusses when it is appropriate to focus on details and when the big picture is the more important to pay attention to.  Very helpful advice.


CH CH CH CH CHANGES – In the event that you slept through yesterday or just returned from a remote Amish village, Facebook made some big changes to their design and policies yesterday at F8.  To see people complaining about it, simply log into facebook and check out your newsfeed – as happens everytime they update things.  To see what the implications of these changes are to your business, check out this article from Fast Company.


BLOCKED! – Creative people sometimes encounter the dreaded Block to the creative process.  This can be extremely frustrating, particular for those whose livelihood depends on developing creative ideas and concepts.  Check out this free e-book from Mark McGuinness called 20 Creative Blocks and How to Break Through Them.  The book is a quick read and filled with suggestions on how to get the creative juices flowing when you feel like the well hath run dry.  As a bonus, check out Mark’s article What Daily Meditation Can Do for Your Creativity.


So, to recap we shared billboards, books, beer, business reviews, big changes, and breakthrough ideas to meditate on in between the fun you have planned for the first weekend of fall.   Enjoy your weekend!


Mercury Awards 2011


Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman Mercury Awards 2011


DAYTON, OH (May 20, 2011) – The Greater Dayton Advertising Association announced the winners of its 2011 Mercury Awards, honoring advertising professionals in sales and support services, including ad specialists, educators, and vendors.

Three members of strategic marketing firm Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman were selected as category winners this year. Linda Kahn, Senior Vice President of Media, won in the Best Media Buyer category. This is Linda’s fifth consecutive Mercury win in this category. David Bowman, Chief Marketing Strategist, won this year’s Best Ad Agency Rep. In 2010, Bowman received the Unsung Hero award. Shelby Quinlivan, Director of Public Relations, won the Newcomer of the Year award.

Linda has been with Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman since 1979 where she began her career as a media planner/buyer. Today, as Senior Vice President of Media, Linda leads the team responsible for media evaluation, analysis, purchase, and post-buy analysis for agency clients. Over the last 30 years, Linda has earned a reputation as one of the most respected media planners and negotiators in the region, and supports a number of community initiatives and organizations, including serving on the Hullel School board, the Jewish Federation committee and the Kettering Medical Center Foundation’s Women’s Wellness Fund.

David has well over a decade of sales, marketing, and strategic communications experience with a specialization in new media. He is a passionate member of the Dayton community, and actively supports numerous organizations, including the Epilepsy Foundation, United Way, Dayton Rotary, Dayton Chamber, and Technology First. He is also an organizer, presenter, and emcee for the SummitUp social media conference, and participates in regular speaking engagements on new media, social networking, and digital branding across southwestern Ohio.

Shelby recently joined P/O/N with over five years of public relations experience in the Dayton area. She is an active member of the community, donating her time to Ronald McDonald House, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Relay for Life – Kettering. She also serves on the board for the Public Relations Society of America Dayton chapter and is a member of Generation Dayton.

Richard Kaiser, Marketing Strategist, was also nominated for Newcomer of the Year as well as the Unsung Hero Award. Helen Mumaw, Senior Media Strategist, was nominated for Media Buyer of the Year.

Winners were chosen by voting members of the Greater Dayton Advertising Association and Dayton Creative Syndicate, though winners did not have to be members of either organization to be eligible for the award.