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4 Tips for Repurposing Marketing Content

Holly Allen
Holly Allen
BY: Holly Allen ON May 5, 2023

Marketing content is a powerful tool that can be used to shape your brand voice, position your company as a thought leader, and tap into new audience segments. It’s also a lot of work and can be costly to produce.

The key to increasing your content ROI is to repurpose it, positioning your marketing team to be more efficient and effective. Here are 4 tips for repurposing your marketing content:

#1. Understand The Tools in Your Toolbox

In order to spin an idea into several new and fresh content pieces, you’ll need to first understand the possibilities! Thinking through the creative ways in which you can express a message often sparks innovative ideas that can expand your reach and spur engagement.

Look for content inspiration on social media, within peer groups and professional associations, or from an agency like Ohlmann Group. We produce regular blogs like this one that are jam-packed with marketing and advertising best practices. Sign up for our newsletter, The Download, for monthly inspiration delivered to your inbox!

#2. Stick to Evergreen Ideas

Repurposing content saves time and money, but to truly tap into the freedom that comes with repurposing, it’s important to stick to evergreen topics.

For example, if your team is coordinating a video interview for a specific message, consider setting aside a few extra moments to ask additional questions that could serve as a resource for months to come. When the topics are evergreen, you can tap into those small video snippets to create several Reels or short YouTube videos in the future without having to invest time and money in an additional video shoot, which is often the most costly part of video production. In contrast, timely content leaves you with a short shelf life and often results in waste.

#3. Consider Your Audience

Even with careful planning, repurposing can become unwieldy and inefficient if you don’t keep your target audience in mind. When choosing platforms and content forms, remember who you’re trying to reach. White papers are extremely useful in many industries, particularly in B2B marketing, but they’re not the most effective way to reach Gen Z consumers, for example. 

Start with your idea for messaging, then determine which content forms best tell the story to the audience you’re trying to capture.

#4. Keep Clear Goals

While nearly all content can increase brand visibility, you’ll get a better ROI if your content is created with a goal in mind. Define that goal, consider how your content pieces advance your brand toward that goal, then follow up with reporting that measures your success.

Repurpose And Work Smarter!

Marketers who repurpose aren’t taking the easy road; they’re working smarter and increasing their reach. Remember that you’ll tap into different segments of your audience with different channels and content forms.

If you’re missing out on effective repurposing, now’s the time to look for ways to increase your marketing ROI. Drop us a line and let’s talk about how we can create an efficient content strategy that’s both more effective and a lighter lift for you and your marketing team!

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