Behind the Frickin’ Scenes: The making of a Fricker’s commercial

Holly Allen
Holly Allen
BY: Holly Allen ON March 15, 2023

Ever wonder what it takes to create a commercial? Would you have guessed that sometimes it means duct taping chicken wings to a fishing line?

Let’s pull back the curtain and take a look at the making of a TV commercial we created for your favorite place to get Frickin’ chicken wings, sports, and fun – Fricker’s!

Fun, Food, Sports & Spirits

In this campaign, Fricker’s wanted to showcase its broad appeal. The family-owned restaurant and bar, founded by Ray Frick, is a favorite stop for a variety of people. At Fricker’s, you’ll spot everyone from sports fans who came to watch the game to business people enjoying a quick lunch. Folks love to meet friends at Fricker’s to grab a bite before a night on the town, and families appreciate the affordable prices, great food and fun atmosphere.

Fricker’s wanted to highlight its all-are-welcome atmosphere, its affordability, and its great variety of food. While it’s known for its Frickin’ Chicken, the Fricker’s menu is just as vast as its customer base.

The Cluckin’ Concept

The Ohlmann Group creative team got to work, but with all that variety, they wound up with chicken wings dancing in their heads. Aha! Why not put that on the screen?

In the concept titled “It All Comes Together,” the team took the visual of a kaleidoscope – you know, those things you played with as a kid – and put a Frickin’ spin on it. Instead of colorful glass turning in symmetry, how about dancing chicken wings, footballs, burgers and fries? All the things that make Fricker’s great!

Fricker’s loved the idea, but now we had to figure out how to make inanimate objects fly.

One Strange Day of Shooting

To create that kaleidoscope effect – or the appearance of a synchronized swim routine starring chicken – our creative team had to first shoot each featured item against a green screen. With that footage, they could create the appearance of the food spinning untouched in the air.

This resulted in one strange day when The Ohlmann Group’s VP of Creative Services, Jim Hausfeld, got his debut as a pizza spinner and Motion Designer Cody Rayn went fishing for dollar bills and footballs.

“We learned that with enough fishing line, duct tape, and hot glue you can suspend just about anything including balls, chicken wings, dollar bills, and more,” Cody said.

Check it out:

Next, our team faced another logistical puzzle. The script called for a pitcher of beer and four glasses being pulled away on cue to reveal Fricker’s branded coasters below. This was going to take some precise choreography!

To start, Cody created custom coasters to be used as props. Then we recruited some hands. The group choreographed a little “hand ballet,” which was all shot from above. The timing had to be precise to match up to the audio, so it took several takes.

“It All Comes Together”

Our team mixed the food choreography with a voiceover, a kid actor, and the perfect music, and the resulting video is fun, fast, and full of all the things people love about Fricker’s.

In just 30 seconds, “It All Comes Together” captures the tremendous menu and diverse customers found in this beloved restaurant and bar. The team at Fricker’s was thrilled, and we were ready for some of those delicious Frickin’ chicken wings.

Watch the final “It All Comes Together” commercial:

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