Ohlmann Group Continues 75-year Legacy of Community Support

ON March 12, 2024

DAYTON, Ohio – Ohlmann Group, a family-owned, Dayton-based marketing and advertising firm, is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2024 in a new office downtown. The agency is known for its community focus and award-winning client work.

“As the third CEO of this agency in 75 years, it is incumbent on me to maintain our deep commitment to the Dayton community and live up to our father Walter’s golden rule to really care about our clients,” said Linda Kahn, CEO & VP, Media Services at Ohlmann Group. “Longevity in this industry is not guaranteed. We are grateful for the many wonderful clients who have worked with us over the years. And we appreciate the excellent marketing and communications experts who have helped us build 75 years of success.”

Ohlmann Group was established as Penny & Penny Advertising in 1949 by Robert and Jean Penny in Dayton. It remained a two-person agency until 1964, when Walter Ohlmann joined the company and it was renamed Penny-Ohlmann, Inc. In 1969, Ralph Neiman, owner of a well-respected art studio, joined the company, which became Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman, Inc. (P/O/N). In 2011 the agency was rebranded as Ohlmann Group to represent the ongoing evolution of the agency.

After many decades of leading the agency, Walter Ohlmann stepped down as CEO in 2015, becoming chairman. The company is now a women-owned business, with Walter’s daughters, Linda Ohlmann Kahn and Lori Ohlmann, continuing their father’s focus on client service and community leadership.

“In our 75 years, we brought measurable, meaningful marketing to our clients in Dayton and across the country. We were part of the dawn of television promotions in Dayton, we were instrumental in selling Yellow Pages ads, we were an early leader in direct mail campaigns and managed PR for celebrities who came into town,” said Lori Ohlmann, Senior VP, Ohlmann Group. “We have had the honor of working with Dayton’s leading businesses and organizations and we truly value the opportunity to do even bigger and better things with our clients today.”

Among its plans for the anniversary, the agency will host Create the Future events for area college students who are studying marketing, communications and design. Ohlmann Group will also commit to 75 acts of service in the community, a tradition of giving back that the agency has held for decades.

“As we look to the future, we are guided by the same core principles that have driven our success for 75 years. Do great work, be great to work with, and work together to create the future for our clients, community and the agency,” said David Bowman, president, Ohlmann Group.

Ohlmann Group was headquartered on North Main Street in Dayton for 55 years and, in 2023, donated its facilities valued at over $600,000 to a local organization.

Ohlmann Group is now located downtown in a suite in the 130 Building on W. Second Street.

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